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UC Student Puts Corvette Engine in a DeLorean

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DeLorean with Corvette engine

University of Cincinnati student Nicholas Roedl tests out his DeLorean’s new powertrain

In a recent Petrolicious video, DeLorean owner Geoff Ombao notes that although it looks cool, the DeLorean is not a particularly fast sports car.

Until now…

For the coolest Senior Design Project ever, a University of Cincinnati engineering student has taken the 5.7-liter LS1 V8 motor from a Corvette C5 and put it into a classic DeLorean DMC-12.

Just listen to that marriage made in heaven purr:

Thanks to the engine upgrade, the stainless steel sports car now produces 425 horsepower at the rear wheels. As Vette TV notes, all of that power means this souped-up DeLorean “will hit 88 mph faster than Marty or Doc ever could have imagined. No Flux-capacitor needed here.”

(Now, if only this UC student could go back in time and somehow save his school’s team from being eliminated by UK in the NCAA tournament.)

You can follow the whole process by checking out engineering student Nicholas Roedl’s informative blog posts here.

And so continues 2015: the Year of the DeLorean!

News Source: Vette TV