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Un-Bear-lievable: Man Watches Bear Climb Into Truck, Drink All His Grape Soda

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Bear Climbing into Pickup Truck

A black bear climbed into Gilbert Simpson’s truck, drinking all of his grape soda
Photos: WSBTV

Earlier this week, Georgia resident Gilbert Simpson was walking toward his work truck when he discovered he wasn’t alone. As Simpson approached his truck, he watched a black bear climbing into the passenger seat—but the bear wasn’t looking for a free ride to the casino. It appears that it was just looking for one big sugar rush. Once inside the truck, the bear proceeded to drink every single ounce of grape soda in the vehicle.

How rude.

Because you obviously don’t approach a bear ever, at all, Simpson was forced to stand there and watch as the bear not only drank his delicious grape soda, but also stole his and his crew’s lunch. It turns out the bear’s cubs were near, and very hungry. The bear repeatedly went in and out of the truck, carrying away sandwiches for her babies.

If this bear’s name wasn’t Yogi, it should be. All she needs is a pic-a-nic basket.

There was no damage done to Simpson’s work truck, though there was sadly no lunch to be had for his crew. Simpson did, however, manage to grab snap shots of the bear’s entire adventure, much to the pleasure and amusement of the public.

News Source: WSBTV