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Unique Stocking Stocker Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

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Shopping for small trinkets for an auto-enthusiast this Christmas? We have great suggestions!

Couple shopping for Chirstmas holiday ornaments & stocking stuffers

Despite what the commercials show, most of us don’t have the funds to buy our loved ones new cars for Christmas. In fact, money is often tied up getting many gifts for people during the holidays. But sometimes you want to get your family something extra for their stockings.

If you want to give something more unique than a gift card to a local auto parts store, consider any of these stocking stuffer gift ideas. Many of these cost less than $20.

10 Affordable Stocking Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

  • Keychain: Give a portable keepsake your recipient will always be able carry around. Whether it’s a trinket from a place you’ve visited together or a branded item from a favored automaker, this small item will fit in anyone’s budget–and pocket.
  • Ornament: Whether it’s NASCAR, classic car, or brand-themed, a new ornament on the Christmas tree will bring cheer year after year.
  • Tool: There are many practical yet affordable stocking stuffer options, such as emergency jumper cables, an air pressure gauge, an ice scraper, funnels, or a safety multi-tool (like the Secur 6-in-1 Car Charger we reviewed).
  • Card Game: While a stocking won’t fit a full board game, it can hold a deck of car-themed playing cards or a  compact game like the classic Mille Bornes.
  • Smartphone/Tech Gadget: For the tech-savvy individual, get something to keep their phone at their fingertips. Whether it’s a phone charger to plug in the lighter outlet (like the Bracketron EX Charge USB products) or a hand-free phone mount (like the magnetic Bracketron 02 Earth Elements vent mount we reviewed), you can find many practical, cutting-edge gadgets on today’s market.
  • Air Freshener: This is an item most people don’t go out and buy themselves, but is very useful to have–for the driver and passengers!
  • Toy Car: Plastic toy cars are fun whether you’re a kid or an adult, but die-cast scale cars are even more fun for auto enthusiasts. Gift a replica of a favorite model.
  • Movie: Many great car or racing-themed films have been released throughout the year, including recent hits like the Fast & Furious franchise. Pair a movie with popcorn for a fun stocking set.
  • Microfiber Drying Towel: It’s sure better than the old rags he/she’s been using!
  • Travel Mug: For the heavy drinker–coffee and tea, obviously–a spill-proof travel mug is a handy gift that can be used in or out of the car. Mugs these days even can be plugged in to stay warm.

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