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Update: Chevy Bolt Name Denied by US Patent Office

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2015 Chevy Bolt Needs New Name

2015 Chevy Bolt at the 2015 North American International Auto Show

While the development of the Chevy Bolt appears to be on schedule and ready to rock, the name of our new favorite little EV may need some work. The United States Patent and Trademark Office just denied the name ‘Bolt,’ because it appears that someone else beat them to it.

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Contrary to popular rumor, Disney is not pulling rank with its Miley-fueled 2008 animated film of the same name. This time, Yamaha is gumming up the works, with their previous claim to the ‘Bolt’ name in August of 2012.

This is quite the hard lesson in trademark law for Chevy, who had waited until as recently as August of 2014 to file for the Bolt name after deep soul-searching as to whether the Bolt name was appropriate.

After criticism of the Bolt name, Tim Mahoney, head of Chevrolet marketing, made a very defiant statement on the Bolt name just two months ago. “The decision is made, the name won’t be changed.” Said no one at Yamaha, ever.

Right now, Chevy will have to convince Yamaha to abandon their trademark claim to the Bolt brand. Otherwise, Chevy will have to rename the Bolt production vehicle that they have already poured branding dollars into.

Is this an opportunity for Chevrolet to pull Bolt further away from the ‘Volt’ name?  As Chevy provides reactions this week, we will stay on top of the story for new developments here at The News Wheel.

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