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Updated Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Coming to Japan

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Land Cruiser 70

Re-released Land Cruiser 70

Thirty years ago, Toyota released what would become one of Japan’s all-time favorite models: the Land Cruiser 70. Sales of the original Land Cruiser 70 lasted for 20 years, finally ending back in 2004. Now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classic vehicle, Toyota is re-releasing the model in its home country for the next year or so. [ See the Land Cruiser in action in the video below ]

Gallery: Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Van

The Land Cruiser 70 is known for its off-road capabilities. Driven by a 4.0-liter V6, this model is rugged and extremely durable. Japanese consumers have been begging Toyota to bring back this model for years, and now those lucky drivers will have a chance to own a brand-new version of their favorite rides. The vehicle has a ladder-frame construction, which is known for being extremely durable and hard-working, and the updated version will come with safety and design features relevant in today’s market.

Gallery: Land Cruiser 70 Truck

The updated Land Cruiser 70 will be available in its classic van/SUV form, but Toyota is also adding a double-cab pickup option for the first time ever in its Japanese market. Drivers can expect to pay 3.6 million yen (roughly $34,600) for the SUV version, and 3.5 million yen ($33,700) for the pickup truck.

Gallery: Land Cruiser 70 Interior

Learn more about the Land Cruiser in this lovely educational video:

If you could bring back any classic model ever made, which one would you pick and why?