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Use This Car Vending Machine to Get Your Next Car

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Carvana Car Vending Machine

It’s is like no other vending machine you’ve ever seen

Imagine walking up to a vending machine, putting in your money, and, instead of getting a bag of chips, the machine dispenses a brand-new car. Well, imagine no more.

At a car dealership in Nashville, Tennessee, this is exactly how you can get your new set of wheels. The dealership, which was built by Carvana, features a series of robots, a low-calorie stack of 20 cars, and three separate delivery bays—all of which help the car vending machine dispense your new vehicle like a candy bar.

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VIDEO: This Car Vending Machine Dispenses Cars Like Candy

As you might expect, you do have to pay a bit more than $1 for a new car—so it’s not exactly like a typical vending machine. But that doesn’t make this gimmick any less entertaining. You pay for the car just as you would at any other dealership.

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Car Vending Machine

Endless stacks of cars for your picking

The big difference? You get a shiny coin that you can put into the vending machine, starting the process of getting the car to you. The process then uses an automobile elevator of sorts to move the cars down to the delivery bay, rather than using the typical spiral-like delivery.

So, the next time you find yourself in Nashville and need a new car, make sure you stop in to this awesome dealership. Just don’t try to shake the vending machine—I’m pretty sure a car won’t come loose.

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