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Vandals Terrorize Reno Neighborhood Cars with Watermelons

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The delicious weapon used to ruin a Reno neighborhood’s cars
Photo: Mike Mozart

Turns out watermelons are good for more than being the star of your summertime fruit salad—they can also do a whole lot of damage to your vehicles.

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A number of residents in Reno, Nevada, are discovering just how much damage watermelons can do to cars this past week as vandals terrorize a neighborhood in the northwest region of the city. Many are waking up to discover that their car windows have been smashed with these delectable—and seemingly dangerous—fruits. And they have to pay the price.

Angelique Ybarra is one victim of these watermelon attacks. On Sunday, she woke up to discover a small watermelon had smashed through her back windshield, sending shards of glass and watermelon pieces throughout her car. According to Ybarra, she will have to pay nearly a thousand dollars out of her own pocket to get it fixed.

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Even worse—this isn’t the first time the watermelon bandits have targeted her car. The same vandals sent a watermelon flying at her car again, but only smashing the side and causing minor damage.

Ybarra and several other neighbors have filed police reports against the watermelon throwers, after having their vehicles damaged by the flying fruit.

News Source: Kolo TV