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Vauxhall ADAM C is a Full-Size Wind-Up Car Dreamed Up For April Fool’s

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Vauxhall ADAM C April Fool's

For April Fool’s Day, Opel put forth the idea that it was getting into the very niche business of building sewing machines built specifically to look like buff dudes. UK-based sister brand Vauxhall had to put out a goofy joke of its own, resulting in the production of the Vauxhall ADAM C. The C, you should know, stands for clockwork, because the Vauxhall ADAM C is a full-size wind-up car.

“This game-changing technology stands to revolutionize the way we drive,” said Mick Cannical, Vauxhall’s Chief Kinetics Engineer. “We’ve paved the way towards a future of wind-ups. Improving the customer experience is a priority to us and given that the average Brit drives less than 35 miles every day, we estimate the model will appeal to over two-thirds of the population. We expect the growth to be exponential.”

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Hailed as the world’s first “full-size production kinetic car,” the ADAM C utilizes the wind-up mechanism similar to that found in children’s toys, and in the process ditches the combustion engine, battery, and fuel tank. The result? Zero emissions and zero running cost.

Oh, and speaking of running, the ADAM C is said to get 125 miles off of a simple 15-minute winding. What’s more, it is pointed out that doing so would cause a 143-pound person to burn up to 400 calories. Opel probably vastly overestimates the upper-body strength required to wind a full-size crank for 15 consecutive minutes (particularly from someone who weighs a buck-45), but hey, it’s an April Fool’s joke.

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