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Victoria Police Add Holden Cruze to Patrols in October

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Holden Cruze Victoria Police Australia

Photo: © General Motors

If you come from a land down under, which is said to be a land where women glow and men plunder, you might soon be seeing a new sight on the streets that might make you feel as if you should run and take cover much in the way that you would if you hear, if you hear that thunder. Of course, given that this sight is the Holden Cruze patrolling for the Victoria Police, you’ll probably only feel inclined to run and take cover if you are a frequent lawbreaker.

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Holden announced on Monday that the Victoria Police have taken delivery of a number of Holden Cruze SRi sedans, which will begin patrols early next month. The Cruze joins the Holden Commodore in the Victoria Police’s LEO vehicle lineup.

Holden Cruze Victoria Police Australia

“Cruze has all the attributes to make it an excellent patrol car. Its city-friendly size and power combined with its specific tuning for Australian roads ensures the police are in good hands,” said Holden Executive Director of Sales Peter Keley.

“We are very proud of our strong relationship with Victoria Police and are very confident these Holden vehicles will perform extremely well,” Keley added.

In addition to its fashionable appearance, the Cruze will be a welcome addition to the force thanks to its 132-kilowatt/177-horsepower 1.6-liter turbo engine, standard Holden MyLink infotainment, and five-star ANCAP safety rating.

The Holden/Chevrolet Cruze is already used as a police vehicle in markets such as Mexico, Russia, and Malaysia.

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