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[VIDEO] 2015 Winter Drive Experience: Cadillac on Ice

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Snow Drift Cadillac

Cadillac decided to reward a number of its dealers, members of the media, and various special guests by taking them out of the cold and snow…and dropping them right back into the cold and snow. But it wasn’t just any place of cold and snow! No, it was the cold and snow of Saanenland, Switzerland, where aforesaid dealer, media, and special types were all permitted to drive a bunch of AWD Cadillac models around like crazy people as a part of the 2015 Winter Drive Experience.

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There isn’t really that much more to it than that. Cadillac offers up an ATS, CTS, and SRX, slaps a bunch of cones out in a wide open spacejust outside of Gstaad, and says “here you go, special people. Hoon to your heart’s content.”

And so they do. And it is glorious. Not glorious enough to make the thought of snow appealing any time this century, but still, pretty glorious all things considered. Hopefully they’ll do something like this again next year, only they’ll 1) have the 2016 CTS-V on the menu 2) invite us.

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