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[VIDEO] The 2016 Ford Focus RS Is Coming February 3rd

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Ford Focus RS is Coming February

The 2016 Ford Focus RS is coming February 3rd. Prepare yourself

Really, there’s not a lot to say here. No need for a big lead-in. The title says it all: the 2016 Ford Focus RS is coming February 3rd.

How do we know? Because this:

In light of this teaser, it seems somewhat silly that some people were alarmed that the Focus RS didn’t show up to the North American International Auto Show—even if it would have ultimately just been overshadowed by the life-affirming awesomeness that is the Ford GT.

There were even worrywarts out there who said that not bringing the Focus RS to NAIAS was somehow an indication that the Focus RS was not only skipping the trip to America, but that it simply just wasn’t getting made at all.

Hell, reputable spam site MotoringCrunch (trust us, they’re hilariously awful, but they don’t deserve your precious clicks) is going so far as to repackage the same article about how it’s been put in “the bin” and repost it like twice a day every day. Also, they have confirmed that the first teaser for Half-Life 3 has been leaked, despite a report that came out THIS MORNING the game is being put on “eternal hold.”

Motoring Crunch Spam


But none of that matters now. Because the 2016 Ford Focus RS is coming February 3rd, and hot damn, it’s going to be amazing.

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