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[VIDEO] 3000HP Lexus IS F Crash Demonstrates the Importance of Proper Aero

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Lexus IS F Crash

This Lexus IS F built by EKanoo Racing is one sweet ride, with a twin turbocharged 649 cubic inch aluminum V8 burning methanol fuel that’s good enough for an estimated 3,000 horsepower. That’s a little bit more than the measly 416 horsepower it came with from the factory. If you’ve seen Spider-man, though, you’d know that with great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility to put a damn aero kit on your car to keep it from becoming the world’s worst airplane.

Why do fast cars always try to fly? At high speeds, they generate lift much in the same way a wing does, as air passing over the car reaches a lower pressure than the air passing under the car. If you don’t have any wings or spoilers in the proper places, the high pressure air under the car can actually lift up the front of the vehicle. Drag cars are even more prone pointing to their noses towards the heavens with all that torque pushing them forwards.

The car in this video was built in Bahrain, where they probably don’t have a safety-strict drag race sanctioning body like the NHRA. It appears to have a wing on the trunk that’s designed to generate downforce on the rear of the vehicle without much of the same in the front. That imbalance is likely what caused this IS F to go belly up. The Lexus gets so much air that it actually goes over the fence on the side of the track.

Thankfully, the driver was not seriously injured in this crash. Hopefully this can be a lesson to people everywhere who are building ridiculously powerful cars without thinking of how to keep all four tires on the ground.

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