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[VIDEO] A Year in the Life of a Prius Dweller

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The Toyota Prius is a great car for many things—saving money on gas, being kind to Mother Nature, and so on. But, as one Prius owner discovered, the hybrid is also great to live in… not just for a few days or even a month, but for more than a year.

Prius owner Chris Sawey graduated from college in 2013 and set off on a journey across the country to look for a job. Unfortunately for Sawey, he was the victim of theft along the way, and his laptop was stolen. That laptop was home to his resume and all his professional portfolios. Without them, Sawey was unable to prove his experience to potential employers, and found himself jobless.

Despite his lack of employment, Sawey’s bills kept piling up. So, after he started getting depressed, he made a list of his necessary expenses, which included food, gas, cell phone, car insurance, and saving for the future. He got rid of all his other expenses and decided to live in his car temporarily, until he could get back on his feet. He called it “Hotel Prius.”

Hotel Prius

Hotel Prius

Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. Throughout that time, Sawey continued living in his Prius, taking out low-cost monthly gym memberships so that he could work out, shower, use the free Wi-Fi, and swim. His car, though compact, fit his bed (an inflatable air pad), a propane stove, cooking gear, a pull-out table, a folding chair, clothes, camping gear, a mountain bike on the roof rack, and even a solar panel to generate electricity so he could charge his phone overnight.

Through his adventure, Sawey got to spend the night in many beautiful places, from mountains to beaches, lakes, and rivers. He is able to move at a moment’s notice if a job opportunity presents itself.

Nowadays, Sawey helps open restaurants, mainly by serving and training new servers. While not a stable profession, it provides Sawey with the money and mobility to keep traveling around the country in his Hotel Prius.

You might not think that a Prius is the ideal car for living in, but it works for Sawey, which is what matters. We might opt for a large SUV or minivan—or even a Prius v if we ever decide to follow in Sawey’s footsteps.

Source: Buzzfeed