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[VIDEO] Behold the Red Giant That Eats Cars

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Ever used a wood chipper that just seems to devour branch after branch? Well, behold the terrifying red giant that eats cars:

Actually that should read “Red Giant,” because that is the name of the engine of destruction that you see before you, produced by Hammel, LLC: the Hammel VB 950 “Red Giant.” The above video was of Hammel’s demonstration of their enormous mobile shredders at the 2012 CARS expo near Liverpool, England.

The shredded parts go into gigantic bins to later be sorted and recycled, which is a great thing. But recycling concerns aside, dear lord, just watch that beast toss around that green station wagon like a toy before straight-up swallowing half of the thing.

Hammel Red Giant car shredder

Holy crap, man

It gets even faster when the cars in question are pre-flattened and fed into an even higher model of shredder. Behold the VB 1500 DK, eating crushed cars like so many cucumber sandwiches:

In another video, they even time the 1500, and holy crap it is just chewing away, averaging 30 seconds per car (according to the video):

Ah, what a time to be alive.

News Source: Gizmodo