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[VIDEO] Big Chief From ‘Street Outlaws’ Still Alive After Violent Car Crash

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For the second time in 2015, a cast member of the popular Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws was involved in a violent car crash.

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Very lucky to be alive. The Crow sacrificed it’s life to save mine. I always knew that car would keep me safe. My first car, my first love, my first addiction. There may be more after you, but you will always be the first. #streetoutlaws #streetcar #405 #connected #flip469

A photo posted by Justin Shearer (@bigchiefokc) on

Justin Shearer, who goes by the nickname “Big Chief”, was filming a racing scene for Street Oulaws, when one of the cars lost control and collided with the other vehicle it was racing. The collision caused “Big Chief’s” 1972 Pontiac LeMans to flip over and land in a ditch.

Update: Big Chief is back in action, testing a new car at the drag strip.

Shearer did not suffer any life threatening injuries, but he did sustain two bruised lungs, a broken collarbone, and crushed L2 and L3 discs in his back. “Big Chief” reportedly will not need back surgery, and credited the safety equipment in his Pontiac–nicknamed “The Crow”–for saving his life.

“Very lucky to be alive. The Crow sacrificed its life to save mine,” Shearer wrote via Instagram. “I always knew that car would keep me safe. My first car, my first love, my first addiction. There may be more after you, but you will always be the first.”

As you can see in Shearer’s quote, he is obviously morning the loss of his car. He was reportedly released from the hospital on November 16th.

Video: Big Chief Crashes His Pontiac

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News Source: Hollywood Life, Starcasm


  • Bigtires

    davis needs to learn how to drive!!!! This isnt the first time!!!

  • Alky nova

    Does anyone have better footage

    • William Malloy

      have you found anyone with any better video footage of Big Chief & Chucky Davis crash

  • Tyler Teal

    Does this mean Murder Nova is now #1 again?
    The Crow will always be part of the 405 Fastest street cars ever built and also the man with big enough balls to drive that car will also be part of that history. He will make another comeback.

  • Jeff

    All that matters is Chief is okay. Cars are replaceable, lives are not.

    • William Malloy

      Me and my wife hold all you guys close to our hearts in prayer… We both are Hot Rod & Street Race Junkies… You guys have set the level of honorable street racing, ethics and responsibility for the everyday street racer…. I just hope that people learn something from all of this ….God Bless us All… Love the show and hope everyone can continue to Race on “Street Outlaws”

      • Steve Miller

        These guys are not true street racers…they have nhra cars they race on the streets and some of them need serious attitude adjustments. Have a car that will pass a state inspection and you can drive on the road on the regular and you have a TRUE street car

        • rick

          And your a idiot ok bro

  • William Malloy

    Wow… i am so Happy to know that hear that nobody got killed … God was watching over everyone that day…

  • Gary “THE JUDGE” Chapman

    Let me correct you on a couple incorrect facts about your article. #1 Any one who knows anything about Pontiac’s the “crow” was a 1970, not a 1969 or 1972 which I read in another article. #2 The crow was a “GTO”, perhaps and if you were lucky a “GTO JUDGE”. Now if it was a “GTO JUDGE” what the f–k is up with calling it a “CROW”.
    A Crow is a garbage eating nuisance of a bird. Why not call it what it is. “THE JUDGE”, The Badest production car of it’s time. I have never lost a race in my “GTO JUDGE”. Except that South Dakota Highway Patrolman who clock me at 148 mph and if I would of known he was there, I would have never back off the peddle. It was the proudest damn ticket I ever got. Too bad the court judge wasn’t impressed. He Fined me $1000,00 and revolved my license for 6 months. Just goes to show:
    “You Can Please Some Of The People Some Of The Time, And None Of The LOOSERS All Of The Time”