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[VIDEO] BMW M3, Corvette Stingray Drag Race Almost Ends in Disaster

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A BMW M3 and Corvette Stingray drag race in Atlanta, Georgia

A BMW M3 and Corvette Stingray drag race in Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to the world’s biggest pissing contest, and no, we don’t just say that because the BMW M3 featured in the video below is the color of actual piss. We say it because this video demonstrates how big-headed morons can actually put themselves—and others—in danger by breaking the law, just to feel better about the size of their gear shifters.

In the video, a BMW M3 takes on a C7 Corvette Stingray illegally in a street race in Atlanta, Georgia. But when the two cars get the green light to go, the Corvette driver fails his burnout and nearly loses control of his vehicle around the curve.

Luckily, the driver is able to regain control, saving his car, the M3, himself, the other driver, and anyone nearby from injury. But not everyone is so lucky, which is why illegal street racing is so dangerous—and illegal.

Check out the BMW M3 and Corvette Stingray drag race for yourself in the video below:

So friends, we say to you, take it to the track. We love to see your videos of sheer speed and muscle, but we like to see them in the appropriate places. (You don’t want to end up like the driver of this Camaro, after all.)