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[VIDEO] Cast of The Wire Reunited for New Prius Commercial

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toyota prius commercial super bowl 50 the wire

The Sobotka family is reunited in the new Toyota Prius

Any sane person who made the smart decision to watch the HBO series The Wire was probably on the edge of their seats during last night’s Super Bowl 50, as the TV show’s Sobotka family were reunited in a commercial starring the Toyota Prius in a high-speed car chase. Although Ziggy Sobotka typically prefers his Chevy Camaro, Princess, it was a Prius that caught his, his father Frank’s, and his cousin Nick’s eyes as they looked for a getaway car after a bank heist.

Now, most people probably wouldn’t pick a Prius as a getaway car, but the Sobotka family and their friend decide to steal a Prius after their original getaway car is towed while they are busy in the bank. They load up the hybrid and speed off, leaving a bag of money in its place for the Prius’ owner. Police pursue the car, making comments such as, “How hard is it to catch a Prius?” and “This thing is actually pretty fast.”

the wire ziggy duck

Unfortunately, Ziggy’s duck was not included in the reunion
Photo: HBO

This commercial is Toyota’s way of introducing its recently-released fourth-generation Prius to America during the most-watched commercial break of the year. And to appeal to The Wire’s many fans, of course. While not everyone who saw the commercial and recognized the actors will be rushing to buy a Prius, there’s no doubt that they appreciated Toyota’s mini-reunion of one of the best shows ever made.

VIDEO: Sobotka Clan Reunited in Prius Commercial

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