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[VIDEO] Chevy Footlockers Dance Will Change the Way You Think of Auto Shows

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The Chevy Footlockers

The Chevy Footlockers

National auto shows are the perfect platform for automakers to reveal all-new cars or concepts that hint at what’s to come in future years. They are also apparently the perfect place for Chevy to orchestrate some really weird dances, as we saw in 2009 at the LA Auto Show for the Chevy Volt reveal (though the video has been taken off the web because of a copyright claim by Chevrolet).

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But it turns out, the Chevy Volt dance was not Chevy’s first rodeo. Back in 1988 at the Chicago Auto Show, the Bowtie Brand featured what it called Chevy Footlockers, who are just three dudes who like to dance in front of cars and sometimes play with their nunchucks. (And no, that is not a euphemism. They are actual nunchucks.)

The Chevy Footlockers

Yes, nunchucks. Real nunchucks.

Check it out:

Autoblog, which found the video, also stumbled upon this gem from 1991:

Things haven’t gotten much better over the last two and a half decades. Kia featured a horrid rendition of “Paint It Black” earlier this year in Chicago for the Niro unveiling.

Thanks to Autoblog for this great find. Chevy Footlockers, you boys just do you.

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News Source: Autoblog