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[VIDEO] Daredevil Shows Off His Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster

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motorcycle on a roller coaster

Julien Dupont takes his motorcycle on a roller coaster, just for kicks.

Motorcycles can be scary to those of us who are used to keeping things on four wheels. But they’re even scarier when you think of some of the crazy stunts the pros do on them, like Ricky Carmichael’s recent jump over the Colorado Performance Concept, or when you think of how easily you can get hurt on them, like this genius motorcycle drag racer, or even when you think about the fact Disney allowed a movie to be made about them, starring Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, and John Travolta, all past their primes. But if you put that fear aside and just enjoy the ride, motorcycles can be pretty amazing. But nothing is more amazing than a motorcycle on a roller coaster, and you can take that to the bank (or maybe the ER). Check out the incredible video below.

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It was famous motorcyclist, Julien Dupont, who volunteered to be the guy who does back flips on his motorcycle on top of a roller coaster. A regular Evel Knievel in the making, right?

motorcycle on a roller coaster

The stunt was sponsored by Red Bull and done in Mexico City on the Montaña Rysa roller coaster, according to Jalopnik.

“This is why I love Mexico, because this is the place where the impossible becomes possible,” said Dupont. Or, you know, just the place where they let you do crazy things with potentially extreme consequences, all for the hell of it.

motorcycle on a roller coaster

Julien Dupont Takes His Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster

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News Source: Jalopnik