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[VIDEO] Dashcam Captures Horrific Semi-Truck, QX50 Crash

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QX50 CrashAs if we need any more reminders of how incredibly dangerous it is to drive drowsy, we have the following video—originally shot in September and released on YouTube Tuesday—depicting a woman in Russia falling asleep at the wheel of her Infiniti QX50 and slamming head on into a semi-truck.

The video shows a very sudden collision that leaves the QX50 spun out and disabled in the middle of two-lane blacktop. The truck, which the driver was able to veer enough to the right that it may have served to lesson some of the impact, winds up off its wheels but not on its side on the shoulder.

The truck driver is able to exit the cab almost immediately, and he is even able to assist with the efforts to rescue the driver of the QX50, who survived despite suffering from shock and non-life-threatening injuries.

All told, dozens of people come to the aid of those involved, which is a heartening thing to see.

Further, this video does even more to cast a contrasting light on the idiotic actions of another Infiniti driver who willfully left the driver seat in order to demonstrate the self-driving ability of his Q50.

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