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[VIDEO] Fire-Breathing C6 Corvette Is Dragon on Wheels

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Today we stumbled across a video of a fire-breathing C6 Corvette, more menacing than any fire-spitter we’ve seen before. It’s almost like something out of a Transformers movie, except it’s actually somewhat entertaining. (Check out the video below.)

fire-breathing C6 Corvette

The fire-breathing C6 Corvette

The man in the video, created by 1320video, says that the C6 Corvette is fitted with a Procharger F1-A supercharger. This baby is good for roughly 20 psi of boost pressure, which is fairly evident in the video that captures this monster on the street.

It sounds like the owner also says that the car runs on pump gas and sports a water/methanol injection kit, but the surroundings are too loud to be sure. The folks at GM Authority seem to agree, however.

For some truly jaw-dropping action, check out the fire-breathing C6 Corvette in the video below. But remember—just in case things get too heated—stop, drop, and roll. Ba dum chh.

News Source: GM Authority