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[Video] First Ford GT Heritage Edition Delivered

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2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition

As you are likely well aware, the Ford GT supercar is an amazing, absurdly powerful thing. Because of its exorbitant asking price, limited quantities, and scrupulous application process, it’s also very likely a thing that you will not ever be able to own. It is even less likely that you would be able to obtain a special edition variant of the GT, which includes the recently-revealed Ford GT Competition Series and the GT ’66 Heritage Edition that was announced last summer.

Ford began deliveries of the GT in February, doling out the first examples to three lucky Americans. At least one of those was the first of the Heritage Editions, as was made evident when it just kind of rolled up to a Cars & Coffee meet-up.

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Ford Performance shared the videos originally found at the Ford GT Forum’s Facebook page, but it did not share any other pertinent details about its GT Heritage Edition. Specifically, how much it costs (probably quite a bit more than the GT’s $450,000 price tag), how many they’re making (maybe 66 because of the year that it signifies, or maybe two because of the number on the vehicle, who knows), or how it determined who would have the privilege of owning them (they probably had to fight someone to the death, like when Kurt Russell fights Ox Baker in Escape from New York).

Not that knowing any of that matters. All we’ll have are the videos and our dreams.

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Video Source: Ford GT Forum on Facebook