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[VIDEO] Ford Brazil Uses UFOs and Crop Circles to Sell Fiesta

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Ford Fiesta under UFO

Sadly, a lot of modern-day car ads feel uninspired or flat out lazy. Put a handsome Hollywood dude in a suit and stand him somewhere in the vicinity of a car, put him behind the wheel for a brief second, use some flashy cutting and maybe some exploding lightbulbs, and you have a perfect to-formula car ad.

Then, every once so often, someone decides they’re totally fine with making a fun ad that doesn’t really concern itself with coming across as self-important. Like Ford. Ford made this lovely little spot for Brazil to promote its Fiesta. It’s amazing:

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Here’s what we’ve got: a crop-circle-cutting man who seems desperate to make contact with intelligent lifeforms from beyond the stars. When contact is established, his friends roar up in a Fiesta Sport and Fiesta Titanium, and they set out to chase down the UFO. Somewhere along the way, they wind up having so much fun racing one another through the cornfields that they just flat out give the aliens the cold shoulder so that they can race around their newly-formed crop circle track.

Crop Circle Track Fiesta Ad

Does it make you want to buy a new Fiesta? Well, maybe, maybe not, but it’s arguably way more effective than another dull luxury ad.

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Via: CarScoops