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[VIDEO] Ford Puts Shelby GT350R on Streets of London, Watches Reactions

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Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Selfie

Just imagine living in a country that doesn’t have access to a car as beautiful as the Shelby GT350R and walking outside one day to inexplicably find one parked on the street. Right there in front of you! All red and shiny and pretty!

Would you snap a picture with it? Would you run your fingers over its smooth exterior? Would you call a friend and tell them to make haste your way lest this be some quick-disappearing illusion? This isn’t terribly far off from what happened when Ford pulled a social experiment on the streets of London recently.

The Mustang is the object of much affection, but this changes somewhat once Ford’s rep breaks the rule strictly forbidding turning the car on and turns the car on. Spoilers: it’s very loud, and some Brits appear to be very uncomfortable with the concept of loudness.

As far as publicity stunts go, this is a pretty good one. Good on ya, Ford. Good on ya.