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[VIDEO] GMC Wows With Exhaust Brake, Trailer Brake Tutorials

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GMC Trailer Brake button


Hey, do you own a GMC Sierra 1500 and want to learn how to work the exhaust brake and the integrated brake controller? Good! We’re delighted to inform you that GMC has released a pair of videos that go over exactly those things in great detail.

Admittedly, this tutorial is the weaker entry of the two. Your narrator is very droll, but he expertly imparts advice with regards to operating the integrated trailer brake controller in your GMS Sierra 1500. What does the integrated trailer brake controller do? Why, it regulates the brakes of your trailer, of course.

The video discusses everything you need to know, including:

  • Where to find the button
  • What trailer grain is
  • Where the trailer brake display is
  • The consequences of overgained/undergained braking
  • How to scroll through the DCI
  • How to adjust trailer gain with button-pressing
  • How to identify trailer wheel lockup

It’s a must-see video even if you don’t own a Sierra 1500.

The second video is the standout in the two-video series, complete with a narrator who speaks in a much more nasal voice and BACKGROUND MUSIC. Not just any BACKGROUND MUSIC, mind you; this is something like what a MIDI remix of Coldplay’s “Clocks” would sound like, and it’s every bit as marvelous as it sounds.

We’ll allow you to experience this one for yourself, because nobody likes a Spoiler Steve. We are no Spoiler Steves.