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[VIDEO] Here’s a Little Bit of 2016 CTS-V Sizzle For Ya

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Yesterday, we posted a superb teaser video for the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V wherein it whips around a parking garage like it was being driven by a former Costa Mesa valet, and all was right and good. Today, we have yet another teaser video, a little bit of CTS-V sizzle that’s far more subdued and yet still incredibly tantalizing.

(via Carscoops’ YouTube channel)

Granted, this video is slightly less thrilling than the one that depicts an actual CTS-V doing a delicious burnout and growling around in a garage, but it’s not without its charms. You get closer looks at some of the CTS-V’s finer features, and a few peeks beneath the skin (digitally rendered, though they may be) that show off what Cadillac’s most powerful production vehicle is working with.

“V-Series represents the very best of the Cadillac brand – the pinnacle of our design and technical capabilities,” said Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac president. “The new CTS-V is the most compelling example of Cadillac’s product substance and brand trajectory. The new CTS-V soars into the stratosphere of the most exhilarating luxury cars.”

CTS-V sizzle

Now, if we could just round things out with a nice little video of the CTS-V ripping down a long straightaway under the full light of day, then our week would be complete.

Barring that, there are a few more days to wait before the 2016 CTS-V is displayed beneath the bright lights of the Detroit Auto Show. Cadillac is scheduled to bare all on Tuesday, January 13th just before 10 am EST, so be sure to watch this space for all the details you’ll need to know.