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[VIDEO] Hyundai’s Super Bowl Ad Earns Laughs from Kevin Hart’s Charisma

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2016 Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Commercial starring Kevin Hart

Like Kevin Hart, Hyundai has made a name for itself over recent years, building a loyal fan base eager for the latest material it has to offer. That’s why it’s fitting that comedian Kevin Hart is starring in one of Hyundai Motors’ four Super Bowl 50 ads running during the big game on February 7th.

In “First Date,” Hart shows what every father feels when his teenage child enters the dating world–and how the Hyundai Genesis’ unique features can put a father’s mind at ease.

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Watch Kevin Hart as a Zealous, Overprotective Father

In the 60-second commercial that will air during the pre-kickoff time slot, comedian Kevin Hart plays a father whose daughter is going on a date. Suspecting that the smooth-talking teenage boy might be up to no good, Hart lends his daughter and her date the keys to his 2016 Hyundai Genesis. Why? Because of the CarFinder app via Hyundai BlueLink.

Using his smartwatch to track the teenage couple’s moves, he follows them to the movie theater, carnival, and secluded make-out spot.

Directed by Peter Berg, who also directed Hyundai’s “Ryanville” commercial starring the charming Ryan Reynolds, this amusing video works thanks to Hart’s zealous charms and wacky facial expressions. Definitely not one to “phone it in,” Hart gives plenty of enthusiasm to the role–and it shows. It’s a short but memorable ad, deftly integrating product advertisement (clearly showing CarFinder’s capability) with gradually-escalating physical comedy.

“First Date” is arguably the best Super Bowl commercial from Hyundai this year, and we look forward to seeing it during the Broncos-Panthers game this weekend.

2016 Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl Commercial starring Kevin Hart

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