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[VIDEO] Man Drives Backwards on Highways in India

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Yep, you read that right. Back in 2003, Harpreet Devi’s car broke while in reverse gear, and he has since been unable to get it out. Since Harpreet couldn’t afford to fix his car, he decided to do the only sensible thing in this situation—drive it backwards along busy roads in India. [ Check out the video below. ]

Now, you’re probably wondering how on earth this could possibly be legal. In fact, Harpreet received special permission from the Indian government to drive his car legally in reverse. And although he’s since gotten the money that could fix the vehicle, he’d gotten so used to driving in reverse that he ended up adding three more gears, for a total of four reverse gears, allowing him to travel up to 50mph while going backwards.

Man Drives Backwards on Highways

Man Drives Backwards on Highways in India

After driving backwards for 12 years straight, Harpreet does suffer from neck and back problems as a result of looking constantly over his shoulder while driving. Nevertheless, he says that he feels safer going backwards than he does forwards, and is thus unlikely to return to a more conventional way of driving anytime soon.

Harpreet understands that it must be an odd sight to see him driving backwards, and so he fitted his car with an ambulance siren in order to alert pedestrians and other drivers to his presence. He’s even added headlights to the rear of his car so he can drive safely at night.

We highly doubt that anything like this would fly on our roads here in the US. How about you? Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

News Source: Barcroft Cars