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[VIDEO] Man Keys $150,000 Car, Is Caught on Dash Cam, Is Arrested

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So, remember those cars that James Bond almost always drives?

James Bond's Aston Martin V8 Vanquish

Ah, yes, Aston Martin

Here’s a frankly very angry-looking guy pushing a baby and keying the crap out of one:

So, this footage was captured by a dash cam that the owner of the V8 Vantage left on while he went inside a supermarket in London back in June. Metropolitan Police released the video on August 17th to appeal to the community for help in identifying the man who, as the video seems to show, has both a baby and a serious problem with this guy’s car.

aston martin keyed stuffed animal

Also an adorable stuffed animal

According to police, the scrapes down the car’s passenger’s side (remember this is England) caused damage worth £9,000—that’s over $14,000 in the US (so, roughly the cost of, you know, a car).

According to the BBC, the 48-year-old man in the video was arrested the day after the video was released and is now being questioned, but we have to wonder just what happened right before this video was taken to lead to the man keying this very nice car with an expression of such hatred on his face.

aston martin keyed angry face

Pictured: Definitely not the snarl of happiness and love

Since you generally have to be stable enough to get someone to like you to have a baby, we can probably rule out insanity. Our guess is that the driver dumped paint on this guy’s baby, and he just knows that it’s going to be hard to clean, and he just knows that he’s going to get a lecture for letting the baby get all covered in paint, and he just knows he is the one that is going to have to clean it up, because he always has to clean up all the messes around the house, and scraaaape.

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