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[VIDEO] New Commercial Shows the New Volt Don’t Need No Stinking Voice-Overs

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Chevrolet has released a new commercial for its second-generation Volt, which demonstrates that the Volt is so good, they don’t even need to speak about how good it is. Instead, we are treated to 44 seconds of ’80s sci-fi love-scene music played while a camera man and lighting technician flirt coquettishly over the Volt’s exterior and interior.

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The action is only interrupted by a few details about the Volt’s unique range capabilities: 53 miles of electric range, 420 miles of range total, and an estimated 1,000+ miles between fill-ups for regular users.

The only question the commercial raises (besides, possibly, “when were they going to roll the Volt out nationwide, again?” to which the answer is “with the next model year in the spring”), is why show the interior?

I’ll tell you why, and it’s not just because of the shiny blue shifter handle.

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Chevy Volt shifter handle

Although, we have to point out that it’s pretty sweet

Drivers of the first-generation Volt had three main complaints: they wanted more range, they wanted regular fuel capabilities, and they wanted Chevy to fix the control panel (they thought it was unintuitive and annoying to use). So, in addition to Chevy showing off its interior design, it’s also subtly saying “Hey, we get it, look how much better we made it.”

And all of that was without ever speaking a word.

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