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[VIDEO] Nissan 240SX Drifts During Live TV Blizzard Coverage

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East Coast Blizzard 240sx Drifting

Winter Storm Juno is currently tearing up the east coast in white, icy death, but that didn’t discourage this reckless Nissan 240SX owner in New York from having a little fun before the storm. Taking advantage of the greatly reduced traction and conveniently placed news reporter across the street, the driver gives the old rear-wheel drive Nissan the boot and induces some intentional oversteer otherwise known as drifting for the live TV audience to enjoy.

The news anchors at the end of the video seem to be oblivious to the fact that Nissan 240SX is a winter drift machine if not anything else, saying, “I’m not sure if that was a little sliding, or spinning, or intentional.”

He was getting hella sideways, bro.

While this video is definitely hilarious, the driver is a monumental tool for putting the reporter in danger. We’re glad everything turned out alright, yet again demonstrating that the Nissan 240SX makes the perfect drift car. There’s a reason it’s one of the 4 Nissan cars we wish still existed.

There’s just something about rear-wheel drive and snow that makes the perfect recipe for hilarious fun or terrible disaster, depending on who’s driving. Definitely don’t try this unless you’re in an empty parking lot.