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[VIDEO] One Direction Drive a Toyota in a Toyota Commercial

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One Direction Toyota commercial

Could the Toyota Vios be the sixth member of One Direction?

Breaking news: the lads from One Direction are now old enough to drive! Okay, so perhaps that has been true for a few years, but the Anglo-Irish five-piece boy band have now proven their driving skillz to the world by creating a commercial for Toyota in which they (or at least one of them) drive a Toyota Vios—a vehicle sold by the automaker in the Asia Pacific region.

The commercial features Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis taking the Vios out for a spin, and generally having a good time in order to answer the question, “What makes a good friend?” Obviously, the answers also apply to the Vios, which must be the best car ever if 1D like it (right?!?!!?!). The answers include freedom (to drive your snazzy compact sedan), trust (like when you fall backwards into the arms of a friend), protection (like the kind you get from airbags), happiness (which occurs naturally when you get One Direction into a Toyota Vios), saving (at the gas pump), sharing (your balls… juggling balls, that is), and comfort (like you find inside the Vios).

One Direction Toyota Commercial

Driving and having fun is sleepy work!

The commercial is super cheesy, but we bet it’ll be a hit in its intended market, as well as with 1D fans across the world. And who knows—even though you can’t buy a Vios here in the US, perhaps just the fact that the band endorse a Toyota (in exchange for lots and lots of money, presumably), will help increase Toyota’s popularity among teenyboppers and their moms/aunts/babysitters.

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