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[VIDEO] One Direction Star in New Thai Toyota Vios Commercial

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The lads of One Direction are currently on hiatus, reportedly so that they can spend more time with friends and family, but that hasn’t stopped them from making appearances every now and then to appease devastated fans (and to quell rumors about a split). Recently, the foursome starred in a new Thai commercial for the Toyota Vios, which highlights their mischievousness perfectly.

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This isn’t the first time One Direction has advertised the Vios. It is, however, their first time as a foursome (OMG ZAYN COME BACK)… for this vehicle, at least.  Last fall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall starred in a commercial for the 2016 Honda Civic, this time for their American audience. It appears that 1D has zero brand loyalty and just wants to drive the car that’s the most super funnest (and pays the most, presumably).

This new Vios commercial follows the tagline of the Zayn one—“All Time Friend.” Each band member takes it in turns to take the Vios out for a spin, while the other three hang out on a couch doing super fun things like taking selfies (no stick, though), and playing “rock, paper, scissors.” Finally, the ad concludes with the four lads hanging out around the Vios, dancing and saying things like “Great!” and “Fun!”

If the comments on the video posted to YouTube by user onedirectionvideoz are any indication, the commercial is a hit with 1D fans. Just look at this insightful comment from Nice Try Dani:

One Direction Toyota Vios commercial comments

Don’t we all, Nice Try Dani. Don’t we all.

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If nothing else, the appearance of all four 1D dudes together should help squash rumors of the band’s demise.

The Toyota Vios is a four-door subcompact sedan sold in the Asia Pacific region, and slots below the Camry and Corolla in the automaker’s lineup. It’s actually related to the Yaris hatchback, which we of course recognize here in the US of A. The current Vios is offered in four grade levels in Thailand, with features like push-button start and air conditioning on higher trim levels. And, apparently, it can fit up to five (sob) 1D-sized dudes, so it’s presumably pretty spacious inside.

We’re not likely to ever seen a Vios here in the US, but once the Scion iA joins Toyota’s lineup later this year, we’ll have something even better.