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[VIDEO] Paul Rudd’s Toyota Tercel Commercial is So ’90s

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Paul Rudd Toyota Tercel commercial

Yep, that’s Paul Rudd in all his pixelated ’90s glory

Paul Rudd first burst onto the scene in 1995 as the dreamboat step-brother (and eventually boyfriend) of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. But even before that, he was making a name for himself in TV shows like Wild Oats and Sisters… and in a commercial for the bitchin’ Toyota Tercel. (There’s a sweet remix in the second half of this video, so keep watching.)

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In the commercial, Paul Rudd calls his big brother to ask him about “the new car.” His brother plays coy, asking, “what car?” but Paul perseveres, eventually asking his brother if he can borrow this new car. The brother hangs up before answering, but wait! He arrives at Paul’s house, and after some tomfoolery, hands over the keys to the two-door sedan so Paul can check it out for himself. Thank goodness.

The Tercel was sold in the US from 1980 until 1998, when it was superseded by the Echo. It was a small, two-door sedan which had a low 1992 price of just $7,198—unheard of in today’s market. Obviously, it was the perfect car for the 1992 Paul Rudds of the world.

Rudd also starred in a winter 1991 commercial for Super Nintendo, which was incredibly awesome:

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