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[VIDEO] Quaker State Advertises Hi-Tech Dipstick 6S with Selfie Stick

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Dipstick selfie stick from Quaker State The Onion

Does your car’s dipstick tell you the news?
Photo: Quaker State

Everything in our high-tech world is evolving: our phones, our cars, our entertainment, and even our baby toys. It takes a lot to impress people in today’s culture. So, it’s no surprise that old-fashioned companies will go to extra lengths to make its products stand out on the market.

For example, Quaker State has announced its new Dipstick 6S. Putting other dipsticks to shame, this hi-tech gadget has a digital ticker that displays weather and news updates, and even takes selfies.

Check out the commercial below!

WATCH: The Future of Dipsticks Is Here!

Fooled you!

Clearly, this product of digital wizardry is not real but a satire of gimmicky advertising and a way to emphasize Quaker State’s commitment to quality. As said in the ad, “No high-tech gadgetry, just damn good oil.”

Quaker State Dipstick 6S commercial

Were you duped by this wild gadget?
Photo: Quaker State

“The Quaker State brand shares the customer belief that when it comes down to motor oil you don’t need fancy marketing, you just need good quality oil,” explained Gita Gidwani, Quaker State brand manager.

The commercial was produced in partnership with Onion Labs, the digital media arm of satiric publications The Onion and ClickHole. Clearly, it employs trademark humor to poke fun at the gimmicky marketing tactics used by other motor oil companies–and other industries too focused on gimmicks over quality.

This is the first in a series of six videos being released between now and September, all which will poke fun at marketing fads such as commercial jingles and VR technology. We look forward to seeing what’s in store!

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