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[VIDEO] Robert Kubica Drives Fiesta RS WRC Like He Has a Death Wish

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Robert Kubica Ford Fiesta RS WRC

Robert Kubica is your new hero
Photo: YouTube

In earnest, the following videos of former F1/current WRC driver, Robert Kubica, ripping across impossibly-bendy roads at an ungodly rate of speed are intended to demonstrate the importance of good shocks for rally driving.

Full disclosure: we’re not necessarily sharing them with you to enforce the importance of spending five figures on good dampers, but because holy god this is insane.

VIDEO: Robert Kubica is a Crazy Man

Kubica’s Ford Fiesta WRC will be in the running at the 83rd Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo, which gets underway tomorrow along the French Riviera, and based on what we’re seeing here, he’ll have as good a shot as any.

From Axis of Oversteer:

With shock absorber, maybe more than any other performance part, you get what you pay for: adjustability, range of adjustment, build, travel, and ability to be serviced. For a club racing track car, a good set of shocks might be in the $4K to $6K range, but for a WRC car? You can do the math.

That particular stretch of road was clearly chosen to work on shock settings and you can see why as Kubica rips at ridiculous speed over bumps and troughs that would sent (sic) an ordinary car flying into the woods.

As Axis of Oversteer also notes, Robert Kubica may also have a secret weapon in addition to his superior dampers: a significant case of testicular elephantitis.

Godspeed, Mr. Kubica. May you forever shine like the absolutely crazy diamond that you are.

News Source: Axis of Steer / Photo Source: YouTube