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[VIDEO] Subaru WRX Road Rage Caught on Camera

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Driver could be charged with lots of bad stuff

Subaru WRX's road rage caught on camera

Subaru WRX’s road rage caught on camera

Watch the Subaru WRX Road Rage video here

Here’s the thing about being an assclown on the road: someone’s probably watching you. And when your assclownery borders on illegal, you’re probably going to get in trouble for it.

That’s right—gone are the days you can rear end the car in front of you while mooning the car behind you and merely speed away and go about your day. Nowadays, many drivers have dash cams—and even those of us who don’t typically have cell phones that we can whip out and start filming with in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately for one Subaru WRX driver from Pasadena, that was the case in a recent road rage incident.

A driver of a Toyota Prius noticed what a jerk a Subaru WRX driver was being to the driver of a Lexus RX, who was just trying to calmly go about his day. The driver of the Prius quickly began filming, right as the WRX began brake checking the RX (after tailgating for a while) and throwing bottles out of the window at the Lexus.

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Watch Now: Subaru WRX Road Rage Video

The driver of the Prius uploaded the video above to LiveLeak, with the following content:

The Subaru came from behind at around 100mph in moderate morning traffic. He cut from the fast lane to the slow lane and got trapped behind this Lexus. Subaru was honking and tailgating for a mile or two. Lexus remained calm with the Subaru behind him and maintained a slow but constant speed. Lexus never brake checked Subaru. Subaru then passes Lexus on the shoulder. 0:02 rolls down window and throws something at Lexus. Once in front of the Lexus he starts brake checking him. The Lexus came close to crashing into him twice. The Subaru threw a couple of bottles at him later at the interchange and they both went on their merry ways on different freeways.

I thought the Subaru was having some sort of emergency and had to get to the hospital or something, he was driving that crazy. Then he started brake checking and throwing bottles so in the end he was just a douche.

And because the internet has become obsessed with helping track down everything anyone on Reddit might be looking for ever, cops were able to locate the driver of the WRX rather quickly. His name has not been released, but he is reportedly a man in his 20s who claimed he did nothing wrong. Even when he was shown the video, he still claimed that what he did was not dangerous, again, because he is an assclown. Maybe this is why the Subaru WRX is America’s most ticketed car

The investigation is still in progress, but it is very possible that the driver could be charged with highway violence, reckless driving, and—oh yeah—assault with a deadly weapon.

Subaru WRX Road Rage bottles thrown from car

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Via: LiveLeak