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[VIDEO] Supra vs. Ferrari 458 Italia: The Heat is On

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Last week, we came across a video showing a Toyota Supra taking on a Lamborghini and only narrowly losing. Today, we have found a video depicting another Supra against a Ferrari 458 Italia in a spur-of-the-moment drag race that certainly had our pulses racing. Check it out.

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The guys over at That Racing Channel (TRC) were out testing new tires on their souped-up Supra when suddenly they were passed by an ultra-fast Ferrari 458 Italia. Never ones to let a racing opportunity slide, the TRC guys quickly caught up to the Ferrari and signaled to the driver that they wanted to race. The Ferrari driver was only too happy to oblige, and the pair set off on a quick drag race along a quiet stretch of highway. Although one might expect the much more expensive Ferrari to win this contest, the Supra flat-out killed the competition, even after giving the Ferrari driver a head-start.

Supra vs. Ferrari 458 Italia

Toyota Supra vs. Ferrari 458 Italia

While drag racing on public roads isn’t the best idea, safety-wise, it’s certainly impressive to see a Supra get one up on an Italian supercar. And it makes us feel much better after viewing the other Supra’s loss against the Lambo.

Will we see a new Supra this year? Watch this space and we’ll be sure to share any news we happen upon!

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