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[VIDEO] Surreal Hyundai Commercial Features Poppin’ John & BWB

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Korean video ad for automaker's dual clutch transmission features sick dance moves

VIDEO Surreal Hyundai Commercial Features Poppin BHB

Blue Whale Bros as the Hyundai’s dual clutch
Photo: About Hyundai via YouTube

Can dance be cool? And is it interesting enough to be used to advertise cars? Hyundai answered both of these questions with a resounding “Yes!” in its new Korean commercial.

In the dazzling video below, contemporary dance–specifically the street style of popping–is used to depict a driver experiencing the thrill of the brand’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Those familiar with the international popping scene might recognize three veterans who star in the video: Wes Austin (Poppin’ John), Lee Jae Hyung (Poppin’ J), and Kim Kwang Soo (Crazy Kyo)–the latter two forming the duo Blue Whale Brothers (BWB from Korea’s Got Talent).

Watch their sick poppin’ moves in motion below.

Hyundai Commercial Uses Popping Dance Style to Advertise DCT

In the commercial, Poppin’ John uses his rhythmic movements to step into, buckle up in, and drive what seems to be an invisible car. His movements and growing enthusiasm depict the experience of a driver behind the wheel of a Hyundai vehicle.

Tightly interspersed throughout is footage of BWB, dressed in Tron-like glowing outfits, who represent the inner workings of Hyundai’s dual clutch transmission.

Topping it all off is a barrage of fast-moving vehicle footage and building techno pulses.

VIDEO Surreal Hyundai Commercial Features Poppin John

Poppin’ John as the driver in new Hyundai commercial
Photo: About Hyundai via YouTube

Showcased in the commercial are a number of Hyundai’s sporty models, including the Veloster, i30, i40, Accent, and Tucson. These all feature seven-speed dual clutch, which is intended to “Boost Your Driving Fun,” according to the commercial’s slogan.

After the 1:45-long commercial (which is totally worth watching), a three-minute behind-the-scenes look follows. It will probably only interest you if you can speak Korean or if you want to see the choreography being planned.

VIDEO Surreal Hyundai Commercial Features Poppin John & BHB

Poppin’ John and BHB show off their skillz
Photo: About Hyundai via YouTube