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[VIDEO] The Curve Ahead – Episode 3

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The Curve Ahead

The Curve Ahead: Episode 3 has been released

“Curiosity is the desire, the need to learn more. On the road, it is the fascination about what lies beyond the curve ahead.” That is the statement that describes episode 3 of The Curve Ahead, presented by Kia. In the third installment of the video series, we’re shown a variety of silhouettes of the mystery vehicle that will debut on January 8, 2017 at 6pm (EST). With all of the clues we’ve been given, we have an idea of what that vehicle might be.

The Curve Ahead

Those sleek lines sure do look familiar

As we see more and more of this secret vehicle, it’s becoming clearer to us that it is most likely going to be the 2018 GT Stinger, which we were first introduced to in 2011 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The swooping lines of the hood and top of the vehicle in the video align perfectly with the GT Stinger concept. While the lights are designed differently and the dual exhaust varies, we’re still pretty convinced that this is an updated version of the sporty concept.

The scheduling of these episodes has been somewhat sporadic, with the first being released on the 1st of December (Thursday) and the second on the 13th (Tuesday). This installment came to us on Thursday, the 22nd, so there’s no telling when we’ll get the next episode. With just a week and a half until the unveiling date (which coincides with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit), we’re impatiently awaiting more details on this mystery model.

The Curve Ahead

Coming January 8, 2017

Keep your eyes peeled on The News Wheel for more updates on this event as information becomes available!