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[VIDEO] The Curve Ahead – Episode 4

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The Curve Ahead

Coming soon: mystery vehicle unveiled on January 8th

In our previous string of articles regarding Kia’s potential big vehicle reveal on January 8th, we’ve been discussing the performance and vague features of the exterior of the supposed 2018 Kia GT Stinger. But in the newly released fourth episode of Kia’s online video series The Curve Ahead, we’re given a small glimpse at some of the finer details of the not-so-secret concept car of Kia’s future.

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With Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” softly playing in the background, we’re shown elegant close ups of this crimson concept. Features like LED headlamps, a sculpted rear spoiler, aerodynamic air curtains, a freshly designed grill, and a panoramic sunroof are magnificently displayed. Once the sunroof is opened, we’re invited inside a clutter-free interior – LED lights shine on the dash and center console. We’re then directed to the blind spot detector signal on the side mirrors, followed promptly by a chrome finish dual exhaust.

The Curve Ahead

Check out the sleek lines and attention to detail

The Curve Ahead

Finally, we get a tiny glimpse inside this mystery vehicle

In just three short days, we’ll be able to see this mystery vehicle in all of its glory on January 8th at 6pm EST (presumably at the Detroit Auto Show, which coincidently starts on the same day). If it truly is the GT Stinger, we’ll be excited to see this supercharged vehicle liven up the Kia lineup of modest sedans and SUVs.

We doubt that any additional episodes of The Cure Ahead will be released within the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned to The News Wheel for updates on this vehicle and any others that will be unveiled at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

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