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[VIDEO] The Price is Right Contestant Wins Car Thanks to Error

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The Price is Right blooper

Manuela accidentally reveals the price, and Andrea wins a car

We all have bad days, but your bad day probably isn’t as bad as Manuela Arbelaez’ was yesterday. [ Watch the video here ]

The Colombian model has been a main fixture on the classic game show The Price is Right for just over six years, after being one of five finalists on The Price is Right Model Search contest. While Manuela didn’t win, she caught the attention of the shows’ producers, and appeared on her first Price is Right episode on April 1, 2009.

In yesterday’s episode, contestant Andrea was faced with the possibility of winning a brand new Hyundai Sonata SE. All she had to do was pick the correct price out of five possible choices, and that new ride would be hers. After Andrea made her first guess out of three, Manuela removed the price tag to reveal a big fat “nope.” Then, for some reason (probably the same reason you put your coffee cup in the oven that one time instead of the dishwasher), she removed the next price tag ($21,960) before Andrea made her second guess to reveal a giant “WIN!” Andrea did what any contestant would do; she exclaimed “I WON IT,” to which host Drew Carey laughed and agreed. Manuela, on the other hand, tried to replace the price tag, but it was too late. “Hey, congratulations, Manuela just gave you a car!” exclaimed Carey.

Manuela was visibly shocked at her mistake and took the opportunity to hide, but it was clear that she was in no trouble for her mistake. In fact, she soon hit Twitter to make light of the situation and confirm that she wasn’t in trouble.

The media responded with mixed messages. One particularly condemning article from the NY Daily News resulted in the following statement from long-time Price is Right fanatic, Patrick Grieve of Dayton, Ohio. “Manuela is flawless and a fan favorite,” said Patrick. “This [expletive] NY Daily News hack is obviously not a regular viewer if he thinks Manuela should be defined by ONE mistake made in the course of SIX years. Yeah, I watched today’s episode, and Manuela was back and better than ever. UNBELIEVABLE the kind of vitriol that is being aimed at literally the show’s BEST SHOWCASE MODEL.”

If nothing else, Manuela’s mistake certainly made for some entertaining TV, and gave the good people of Facebook something to talk about besides crazy politicians and pictures of celebrities’ babies.

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