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[VIDEO] Toyota Commercial Highlights Sports Sponsorship

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Toyota sports commercial

YEAH!!!! SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Football season is officially upon us, which means it’s time for all kinds of brands to release commercials showing how much they dig the sport. Toyota is taking it a step further by releasing an ad that shows how it is a fan of ALL THE SPORTS, from football and hockey to NASCAR and basketball.

The commercial features a wide array of Toyota vehicles filled with sports fans doing various sports fan things—going to watch sports, playing sports, getting excited about sports, and general sportsness. The ad isn’t meant to promote any one Toyota vehicle, but to demonstrate the automaker’s sponsorship of a wide variety of sports. The commercial debuted during the Toyota-sponsored halftime show of last Thursday’s Patriots-Steelers game.

“At Toyota, we certainly understand what it means to be a passionate sports fan,” explained Jack Hollis, group VO of marketing for Toyota Motor Sales USA. “In the ‘Anthem’ spot that is kicking off the campaign, we aim to reach the die-hard fan, the one who always gathers with friends to share their passion for the big game, week after week.”

More spots will be released in the coming months, with a big finale expected to air during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7, 2016. Toyota has neither confirmed nor denied that it’ll buy precious ad time during the final NFL game, but it would certainly be a good ending to a presumably successful campaign.

News Source: AdWeek