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[VIDEO] Toyota Prius Burnout is Real, Exists

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Ever seen a Toyota Prius do a burnout? Until today, we certainly hadn’t—and we honestly never expected that we would. But why should hybrid drivers leave all the fun to fast sports cars like the Corvette Z06? One Prius driver decided to see what his hybrid could do, and what resulted was a pretty epic burnout. Watch the video of the Toyota Prius Burnout below:

If you’re a proud Prius driver who plans on trying this as soon as you get off work tonight, think again. This dude had to work for his burnout; it’s not the type of thing to happen naturally in a Prius. First, he turned off his car’s traction control, and then he used his mad burnout skillz to make the wheels spin like a drag racer. This is no easy feat—the Prius has a capable, but not burnout-worthy 110 horsepower. Compare that to the Z06’s 605 hp, and you can see why this video shocked us.

Toyota Prius burnout

So, now we can add the Toyota Prius to the list of cars we’ve successfully do a burnout. Never thought that would happen!

What’s the weirdest car you’ve ever seen doing a burnout? Be sure to let us know in the comments!