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[VIDEO] Toyota UK Wishes You a Mirai Christmas

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santa toyota mirai video

Santa and his elves drive off in their new Toyota Mirai

The holidays are fast approaching, and people everywhere are trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Toyota UK is no different, and just released a video wishing everyone not a Merry Christmas, but a Mirai Christmas. Geddit?

In the video, Santa (or Father Christmas, I suppose) has a broken-down sleigh and is looking for something reliable that can take its place. He and two of his elves hitch a ride in an old Prius to a warehouse packed with vehicles, checking each one out and vetoing them. Eventually, Santa and his elves all agree on a new blue Mirai, and the key magically appears in Santa’s hand.

The elves throw Santa’s sack in the spacious trunk and hop in the back, while Santa slides behind the steering wheel. He turns the radio on to a station playing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” cranks up the volume, and steps on the gas. The elves, singing along, change the “Merry” to “Mirai,” and off they go.

It’s a strange video, and the person who plays Santa has a voice just like Moss from the IT Crowd, which is distracting, but the sentiment is right. Hopefully Santa and his elves will be able to deliver presents to good children all over the world in the Mirai, which will do its part by emitting only water vapor from its tailpipe.

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