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[VIDEO] Traffic Reporter Accidentally Orders Fish Sandwich During Live Broadcast

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Traffic Reporter Accidentally Orders Fish Sandwich During Live Broadcast

Traffic reporter accidentally orders a fish sandwich during a live broadcast

Local news reports are incredibly entertaining—and usually by accident. The correspondents often take ridiculously uninteresting stories way too seriously, field reporters often say the doofiest things while standing in torrential downpours or snowstorms, and strange townsfolk who give interviews have become instantly famous thanks to autotune. But this one with Traffic Jam Jimmy just might take the cake—even if it seems a little staged.

In the clip above, meteorologist Candace Dold of WBFF Fox 45 in Baltimore hands things over to Traffic Jam Jimmy for an update on traffic conditions. Unfortunately, Traffic Jam Jimmy is not ready for things to be tossed his way, as he is in the middle of ordering a fish sandwich from McDonald’s. Perhaps even more unfortunately, McDonald’s is still serving breakfast, so no fish for Jimmy.

Jimmy, donning an orange beard and his lumberjack flannel, realizes pretty early on that he’s on the air while in the drive thru, but that doesn’t deter him from continuing his order. (He gets an Egg McMuffin and a medium black coffee, in case you’re interested.) And his wise words for those considering driving? “Stay put, folks.”

The video has been up for a couple of weeks now, and while it’s gotten what could be called “viral” attention—it’s past the 1 million mark—its authenticity is in question. For one, news stations have certainly caught on to the fact that they can have their content shared all over the web by doing something silly, like filming an orange-bearded lumberjack named Jimmy as he orders a fish sandwich way too early in the morning. And on top of that, it’s a perfect advertising spot for McDonald’s breakfast and fish sandwich. Oh, and did we mention the giant McDonald’s bag or pillow or whatever the heck that is, perfectly centered in the backseat?

Something smells fishy, and it isn’t Jimmy’s sandwich.