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[VIDEO] Watch Cumberbatch Invoke Sherlock Holmes Persona in Chinese Car Ad

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An orange SUV...a mysterious voice...a weak promotional attempt: the game is afoot!

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes persona in Chinese MG Cars ad inspecting orange MG GS

Cumberbatch inspects the MG GS for clues
Photo: Marketing Interactive via VIMEO

Do we really have to wait until December to see our favorite British detective again? Thanks to a new commercial by MG Cars starring Benedict Cumberbatch–no we don’t!

Chinese conglomerate Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), who owns the UK-based MG Cars, has released a two-minute ad starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Although not specifically named, the Oscar-nominated actor clearly invokes his Sherlock Holmes persona.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Returns as Holmes… to Sell Cars

The commercial starts on the cloudy, windy streets of London where Benedict Cumberbatch walks along in a navy blue trench coat. He passes a telephone booth which rings. As the man answers it, a female voice on the line asks, “Want to play a game?”.

Noticing a set of car keys which rest atop the phone, he heads to the only car parked nearby–an orange MG GS SUV. He inspects the vehicle, noticing mud, flower petals, and water tarnishing it. His mind flashes to where these substances could have come from.

Giving in to curiosity, he hops inside the SUV and drives through the streets of London in search of this “mystery girl.” His search even takes him through rural villages and soaring through the air across the London Bridge.

Eventually, he finds the brunette standing by the London Bridge. Rolling down the vehicle’s window, he coyly remarks, “I could do this all day.”

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes persona in Chinese MG Cars ad driving

The game is afoot…in an SUV!
Photo: Marketing Interactive via VIMEO

The commercial stars the MG GS SUV, which recently debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show. It’s the first sport utility vehicle from MG Cars and certainly needs competent advertising to promote it. While this commercial itself isn’t very clever–mostly relying on the popularity of Cumberbatch’s Holmes–the actor’s charm makes it entertaining.

BBC‘s hit series which began in 2010 has developed a massive fan and critic following. Created by Doctor Who veterans Steven Moffat and Mark Gratiss, Sherlock Holmes is an exciting television show with far better payoffs than this car commercial. It will return in December for a Christmas special, followed by season four in 2016.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes persona in Chinese MG Cars ad London bridge

Cumberbatch crosses London Bridge and finds his “mystery girl”
Photo: Marketing Interactive via VIMEO

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