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[VIDEO] Watch the 2016 Honda Civic Sedan’s LA Debut

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2016 Honda Civic Sedan debut with Night Riots in Los Angeles

Last night, the all-new, tenth-generation 2016 Honda Civic Sedan received simultaneous premieres in Detroit and Los Angeles. The latter event was available for live-streaming on YouTube Space LA at 6:15 pm PT (9:15 pm ET), right around the time much of America was watching Donald Trump awkwardly attempt to high-five Ben Carson.

If you were one of the people who skipped the Civic’s debut to watch the Republican debates, here’s what you missed:

The proceedings don’t actually get underway until about the 13-minute mark. At 16 minutes in, the alternative rock band Night Riots performs their signature song, “Contagious,” before yielding the stage to American Honda exec Sage Marie, who gives the new Civic a proper introduction.

The sheet comes off at the 25-minute mark, finally revealing the new compact car in all its sporty glory. And it looks pretty good!

Afterwards, there are some comments from the Honda R&D designer responsible for the Civic’s new look, followed by some more music from Night Riots (interestingly, the lead singer was/is friends with the Civic’s designer—small world!)

The most heartening moment of the evening for most car guys was probably Sage Marie’s confirmation of an American Type R.

“For all you die-hard enthusiasts who have been asking us for years and years to bring a high-performance Civic Type R to this country,” Marie said during his comments, “I can finally say, yep, it’s on its way.”

He didn’t attach a specific reveal date to that promise (nor do we know when to expect the Coupe, Si, or 5-door hatchback versions of the 2016 Civic), but it’s nice to be reminded that the US Honda Civic Type R was not an April Fool’s Day prank.