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[VIDEO] Watch This Nissan Dealership’s Odd Sexy Calendar Commercial

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A Dayton Nissan dealership has done humanity a favor by making a creative car commercial that doesn’t just shout, “BUY OUR CARS NOW” and “WE’LL APPROVE ANYONE FOR A LOAN,” but that also mocks the old-fashioned sexy calendar style of advertising. Watch the commercial below to enjoy a laugh mixed with a little bit of cringe, then jump down to the poll at the end to vote for your favorite!


Time to break down the video, and stick around for a poll at the end. We want to know which month was your favorite.



The first sales employee to be objectified went with the Valentine’s Day theme, since that’s the biggest holiday in the shortest month of the year. Yeah, there’s Presidents Day, but nobody cares about that one. When’s the last time you thought to yourself, “Man, I love having a day to worship my president”?



Here we have April, carrying an umbrella upside-down on what looks to be a computer-generated sunny day. With the blaze orange raincoat, he looks like he’s about to go deer hunting but had to get up so early that he forgot to put his pants on.

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July is clearly the best one of the series. There’s literally nothing more American than a bearded man in an Old Glory themed onesie.



December is a big month for car sales, and if you go to Jeff Schmitt Nissan, this salesman should personally deliver your vehicle in this Santa suit. That should give you a reason to buy that new Titan.

how about no

Jay’s face says it all.

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Now, we’re going to have you vote for your favorite.