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[Video] Watching Old Cars Get Crushed is Mesmerizing

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Car getting crushed

Where do old cars go when they die?

Surprisingly, the automotive industry is one of the best at recycling. Many parts of a car are recyclable, such as the steel in the body down to the plastic in the interior. After a car is sent to the junkyard and picked clean of its valuable parts that find new life in other vehicles, the rest of the car is sent to the crusher. That process looks like this:

It may be sad watching cars get crushed, but you can rest assured that the steel in these cars will find a new purpose somewhere else, perhaps in a building or a ship or another car. At least these cars aren’t any of those illegally imported ones that the feds crush to make an example of.

It may break your heart to discover that the pre-production cars and concepts that you see at car shows or driving around Detroit before they’re in dealerships are also crushed. The automakers can’t legally sell these cars to the public, so they are scrapped after their short lives as test and display vehicles.

It’s okay, just remember that when you drop your crappy old Volvo off at the dealership after it finally dies, its thousands of parts are going to find new life in other Volvos.